Behavior Consultation & Psychological Services, PLLC

About BCPS.

All of our services use only research supported best practices for children with autism & related disorders. You can find out more about these evidence-proven techniques in the UNC Chapel Hill & The Autism Evidence Based Practice Review Group's evaluation of autism interventions.


  Research Supported

Our Mission.

It's simple: provide the best care to each and every client.

We believe that your child's treatment should be as unique as he is. That is why all of our programs center around an individualized approach to care. Each client-- across all settings and programs-- is provided with research based, data driven interventions which address his/her specific needs and goals.  

Our Approach.

No two children have exactly the same skills, needs or motivation. That’s why we create an individual treatment plan for each of our clients. We know that by identifying your child’s naturally occurring motivation, we can capture the best opportunities in your child’s life for an effectively yet positively enjoyable learning experience. Through the verbal behavior approach to applied behavior analysis across your child’s entire day, your child will learn, experience, and have relationships using functional social communication.

Our approach is to provide evidence based intervention to address social, communication, behavior and educational support through programming that is individualized to the needs of each client. We offer a wide range of services, all of which are rooted in data driven, research supported, team approach to care.