Behavior Consultation & Psychological Services, PLLC

How am I billed?

What to expect...

We  encourage all of our clients to contact their insurance company to ask about coverage for "Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for Autism".  Our billing team will also verify benefits details with your insurance company prior to the initial consultation meeting so that we can provide you with everything you need to make informed decisions that best fit your family.


​After contacting our office, you will receive a phone call from one of our intake specialists. This is a great time to talk about any initial questions or concerns you may have, share background information and provide details that will help our providers give your family resources and information that is best suited to your needs. You will receive a confirmation email after your phone call to verify your free consultation appointment date/time and to let you know if any additional information is needed.

How will I know if my insurance covers ABA?

What will I need to provide?

This can vary from case to case, but typically you can expect to be asked for: insurance card (if using insurance), copy of autism diagnosis paperwork, copy of assessments or IEPs (if applicable) and forms you will complete when you come for your initial consultation meeting.

We accept most insurance plans with ABA coverage!

Clients are billed using our electronic invoice and payment portal once we have received the Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company. A detailed invoice is sent via email and is accessible on our online payment portal. Clients can log-in to the portal at any time to make a secure payment, access open invoices, download receipts or statements of payments and send messages to our billing department.​ Costs for ABA services are eligible for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA).

Our billing team collects the following information from your insurance provider:

  • Verification of BenefitsIs ABA covered by my insurance policy? ​

  • Benefit Maximum Is there a cap on how much my insurance will pay/cover?
  • Out of Pocket Expenses: Deductible (How much do I have to pay towards claims each year before my insurance begins paying for services?) Coinsurance (How much do I pay to share the cost with my insurance--typically a percentage of the total cost?) and/or Copay (How much do I pay to share the cost with my insurance-- typically a set amount paid each visit?)
  • Out of Pocket Maximum What is the maximum amount that I must pay out of pocket before my insurance company covers all costs? (This excludes premiums. Other exclusions may apply.)
  • In/Out of Network Status Is BCPS in network with my insurance company? If not, what are my out of network benefits vs. in-network benefits?