My child has been diagnosed with autism.

My child struggles to communicate or is non-verbal.

My child displays frustrated behaviors when feeling misunderstood.

My child doesn't seek to engage with others (play with peers, etc)

My child's response is neutral/negative when others interact with him.

My child has specific communication treatment needs (i.e. echolalia)

My child often seems unaware of what is going on around him.

My child often struggles with understanding social cues.

My child prefers to play alone.

Our Mission

Autism Intervention Class :: Program Details

Is this program right for my child?

This program is the only of its kind in our area because it provides social and learning experiences among typical peers as well as all day, intensive autism interventions integrated across settings and activities throughout the day. Our staff is made up of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed Psychological Associates, and para-professional ABA tutors who are highly trained and experienced in providing research-based autism interventions. Our programs are individualized to each child based and are data driven in order to provide the most effective interventions for your child. We design each day to promote meaningful learning, social engagement, functional communication and positive learning experiences.

Our mission is to create a nurturing environment for children with autism which supports social, communication and learning skills by providing intensive therapeutic programming which is seamlessly integrated across learning and play activities. This daily program provides individualized, evidence-based programming to each child while encouraging exploration, creativity and play.

What makes this program special?

When? Monday-Friday, Morning Program 8:00 am-12:00  Afternoon Program 12:00-4:00

Where? East Carolina Kiddie College

Staff Details:

Autism Intervention Classroom Clinical Director: Jason Cone, MA-LPA

Program Coordinator: Lindsey Schumacher & Jenna Hilgoe,  Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Lead Teachers: Amy Kruger, Nicole Vinson

Out of Pocket Cost can vary based on insurance coverage.  If you feel this program may be right for your child, please contact us to find out more!

Autism Intervention Classroom

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