When Stims & Behavior Get In the Way

This post was originally sent out to parents in February in our newsletter. We are shining a light on our awesome parents and the hard work they are doing at home to continue progress that is happening in therapy. Keep up the hard (but important) work you do for your loved ones! 

Dear Mom or Dad or others that love me and take care of me,

Sometimes I want things and sometimes I want to get away from things, just like everyone else!

When you spend time taking care of me you may notice that sometimes I “stim” when I want to entertain myself. When I want something or want to get away from something but I can’t tell you with my words I have to find a way to tell you another way. Sometimes this means I have behaviors that are unexpected.

In ABA therapy, I’m learning new skills and replacement behaviors so I can request and reject things with words and acceptable communication. Being able to use words will make such a big difference at home and at school! I can even learn to wait for short amounts of time! This is great because there two things that sometimes get in the way of learning new things: my “stims” and my different communication behavior. I am excited to share and practice these new skills with you because the more I practice my new skills the better I will get at choosing these instead of my old ways that aren’t the best ways. 

Let's do this together!