Back to School Again!

Back to School time has arrived! As you soak up the few remaining days of summer break, you're probably starting to prepare for the new school year. Now is a great time to prepare & prime your child so that the transition back into school is successful. Here are behaviors to consider practicing and reinforcing before school:

1.  Start getting your child up at the same time seven days a week and following the same dressing and breakfast routines.

2.  Have your child find and carry their own lunch bag and book bag to therapy and other events.

3.  Buy a small square mat (some Dollar Tree stores sell carpet squares!) and reinforce them for sitting on it during play at home to prepare them for classroom expectations.

4.  Use the command “Line up” at your door before you leave your house or go outside. Post it on your door to remind yourself.

5.  Most importantly, make sure they practice eating meals and snacks at the table.

If you have specific concerns about your child's school transition, please let us know!