Our practice is built on the founding principal that our greatest strength is the collective experience and skills of our team. That's why we have built a team of providers with diverse specialties and backgrounds. 

We understand that children spend over 32 hours a week at school. Your schools serve a large population of students, each with unique needs. We believe in equipping teachers and school staff with evidence-based techniques to enable them to serve all of their students, from preschool to high school. Whether in a separate-setting autism classroom or a regular education math class, we are always going to provide your staff with the most up-to-date, research-based methods to meet their needs. We believe the best way to support our students is to support their teachers and school system administrative and support staff. 

We currently serve over 20 school systems, private and charter schools in North Carolina. Each school system's needs are unique and that's why we work with the Exceptional Children's department, administrators, and other appropriate staff to create an individualize plan to meet the specific needs of the system. Our team of highly qualified and experienced providers currently serve schools in some of the following ways:

  • Clinical & School Psychology Our providers have extensive experience in providing clinical services to children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities whose needs span the spectrum. We've served hundreds of clients with complex and acute needs in areas of behavior, communication, social skills, daily living and academic deficits. Our psychologists providing individual case consultation, IEP support and consultation, formal observations and reporting, Functional Behavior Assessments for the development of Behavior Support Plans, and ADOS-2 testing. We also provide professional development training and support in areas of autism, data-driven instruction, developmental and intellectual disabilities, evidence based practices.

  • Special Education Consultation We know that it is the goal of every NC School System to provide teachers with up-to-date, researched strategies for teaching that are the absolute best practices in their field. All of our classroom recommendations are evidence-based and align with the NCDPI and National recommendations for students with autism. Further, our systemic level recommendations are the most research-supported of all the methods recommended. Differentiated instruction requires different antecedent presentations in order to properly include each student in a lesson unit and to make meaningful progress. When working with students with autism, who have very atypical and irregular learning patterns, task analyzing will demonstrate clearly different levels for focus on the main concept. Usually, the student will be familiar with some sub skills of a topic, but have “gaps” in understanding. Teaching a child with autism is unique because their sporadic skill sets often mean that teaching sequentially is not always best- or even necessary. When working with several students with autism within one small group with one lesson, each student may be focusing on a different sub-skill of the lesson. This requires planning and flexibility. We provide an easy, systematic way to plan these differentiated lessons, track progress, and assess understanding. We have tools for teachers in a separate setting classroom as well as for a regular education teacher providing inclusion services for a student with autism.

  • Autism and Behavior In addition to Board Certified Behavior Analysts, our team includes individuals whose background in the school system serving as autism coordinators for the system. This unique partnership allows our team to help you implement evidence-based, effective practices in a way that makes sense for your schools. Our team believes in building rapport with teachers and support staff to help them build on their strengths to create the most supportive and successful learning environments for their students.

  • Assistive Technology Evaluations & Training Anna Weaver received her AT Certification through ECU in 2011 and has served as part of a school-based Assistive Technology team and independently providing AT support for individuals with communication needs for 6 years. The goal of our AT team is to increase effective communication for students with disabilities and to minimize the waste associated with acquiring technology that is inappropriate for the needs of students and technology that is unused due to lack of training and support. From low-tech resources to the most up to date technology for voice output and communication, our team can provide specialized training and support on a wide array of resources.

  • Adapted Physical Education Consultation & Assessment BCPS is proud to announce that we have added Adapted Physical Education consultation as a service we can provide to our school partners! Our staff is uniquely qualified to provide individualized and systemic support including designing and implementing APE programming. In addition to offering training to physical education staff to conduct evaluations and collaborate with EC teachers to develop individualized, data-driven IEP components, BCPS also provides staff development regarding using physical activity as a research-based strategy. This includes how to create and facilitate tasks/activities/interventions designed to address individualized sensory integration needs and increase learning opportunities through physical activity. Individualized support can include training on appropriate accommodations and modifications for all students.

  • ADOS Testing for Autism The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is considered the “gold standard” of autism assessment.  This evaluation tool is used as part of a comprehensive initial evaluation to identify a student who is eligible for Exceptional Children’s services under the area of Autism.  Our licensed psychologists have received specialized training in administering the ADOS assessment and can be utilized as part of your team’s initial autism evaluation. After the assessment is finished, a written evaluation report will be provided to the school in a timely manner.  Schools can schedule 1-2 assessments per service date.

  • Independent Education Evaluations Our licensed psychologists  have worked within school systems across North Carolina for over 10 years and have received specialized training to complete a variety of assessment measures.  A comprehensive evaluation may include some or all of the following: psychological evaluations (including IQ testing, educational achievement testing), adapted and behavioral evaluations, clinical interview, and autism evaluations. Our providers can also develop an independent functional behavior assessment.


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