We use the well established, evidence-based, verbal behavior approach to applied behavior analysis to provide functional communication skills. These skills allow your child fulfilling engagement in social relationships and social learning experiences.

Beyond the current use of skills assessments and placement programs for analysis of verbal behavior, we created a Verbal Behavior Profile instrument that depicts our clients in progress and in their unprompted functional communication moments across all situations at anytime. The profile is an actual depiction of your child’s verbal communication with family members, friends and teachers, depending on the time of observation.

Importantly, we know that by identifying your child’s naturally occurring motivation, we can capture the best opportunities in your child’s life for an effectively yet positively enjoyable learning experience. We also know many contrived situations are needed to have enough motivating moments and that each moment needs to truly count. Through the verbal behavior approach to applied behavior analysis across your child’s entire day your child will learn, experience, and have relationships using functional social communication.

We realize that 32.5 hours a week of your child’s life is more than likely in the school system. Our professionals work with the school system at a systemic level. We also assist in writing Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) to bring the verbal behavior approach to applied behavior analysis into your child’s entire school day. We train teachers, teacher assistants, speech pathologists, psychologists, behavior support personnel, and other support services in VBA/ABA and directly demonstrate the methodology incorporated into the student’s entire school day. We emphasize how verbal behavior comes in many forms in the school setting.

In the school setting, we demonstrate how all reading and writing exchanges include all components of verbal behavior. Of course, we attend IEP meetings and are true advocates for the students with autism.

Not only do our licensed professionals in psychology and behavior have exceptional skills in analyzing verbal behavior, our staff are professionals in treating and improving concerning behavior including social behavior difficulties, Self Injurious Behavior (SIB's) and behaviors that injure others. Our expertly trained and licensed professionals in psychology use the relevant principles of applied behavior analysis. Along with parent/family training, we train clinicians, service provider agencies, and school behavior specialists. Our approach to behavior change is a functional behavior-analytic treatment which constitutes that function is essential in designing behavioral intervention. Our professional functional assessment methods result in behavior plans that truly decrease undesired behavior and increase acceptable and more appropriate behavior.

Service providers from Behavior Consultation & Psychological Services, PLLC are supervised by Licensed Psychological Associates under the North Carolina Psychology Board and are Nationally Board Certified Eligible. Further, the associates are supervised by a PhD. Psychologist that is a national Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

  • Home programs training therapists and family
  • Home programs training service providers
  • School programs training speech pathologists
  • School programs training teachers and assistants
  • School programs developing IEP goals
  • School professional development
  • Professional seminars and conferences
  • Parents seminars and conferences
  • Parents chapter meetings speakers and trainers
  • Parent advocacy services
  • Clinical psychologist and speech pathologist training

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